Crohn’s disease diet

Discover how diet plays a crucial role in managing Crohn’s disease


Crohn’s disease diet

Discover how diet plays a crucial role in managing Crohn’s disease

First published: 12 February 2024

Crohn’s disease diet

Living with Crohn’s disease

Crohn's disease is a long-lasting condition that causes inflammation in the gut, affecting millions of people globally. It can make your stomach hurt, send you running to the bathroom a lot, and leave you feeling very tired.

There is no definitive cure for Crohn’s disease, though various treatments offer hope for managing your symptoms and reducing inflammation.

“Living with Crohn's disease often feels like being on a never-ending rollercoaster of fluctuating symptoms, from abdominal pain to fatigue.”
Dr Callum Pearce, Gastroenterologist Murdoch
For many, the search for effective treatment beyond the usual corticosteroids leads to exploring alternative therapies. One of these is the Exclusive Enteral Nutrition diet, also called EEN

Exclusive Enteral Nutrition diet Perth

What is the EEN diet for Crohn's?

Embracing the EEN diet

The EEN diet is like hitting the reset button with your eating for 6-8 weeks, where you only drink a special liquid formula. It's a big change, especially if you're dealing with Crohn's disease, but it can really help in managing your condition.

The special liquid formula is designed to provide all the essential nutrients your body needs, like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, in a form that's easy for your gut to absorb.

At first, giving up solid foods might sound pretty tough. But after a few days, lots of people actually start feeling way better.

“ We are fortunate to now have enough research that shows how effective diet therapies such as EEN can be for Crohn's Disease. Seeing the change in patients who try the EEN diet is pretty amazing. They not only see their symptoms improve but also we get their inflammation under control, and we see this happen as quick as 2 weeks from when starting EEN.”
Ele Stojanoska, Dietitian at Wexford Gastro

Following this Crohn's disease diet with support from healthcare experts, like your Gastroenterologist and IBD dietitian, is really important. If you're ready to see if the EEN diet is suitable for you and how it can improve your condition, please reach out to us today.

When can EEN be used as therapy for the Crohn's Disease?

  • EEN can be used to get your condition in remission if its mild to moderate in severity, as alternative therapy to corticosteroids
  • EEN can be used to improve complications of Crohn's disease such as Stricturing Crohn's disease, fistulas or if you have abdominal collection.
  • If your condition is quite severe and you need to have surgery to have a section of your bowel removed, EEN can also be used for 6-8 weeks before this to improve your nutritional status and reduce the level of inflammation. This can mean having less of your bowel removed. With research showing up to 25% of patients who went on EEN were able to successfully bridge to an immunomodulator instead of requiring surgical intervention as initially planned.

A path to remission

The EEN diet is a promising treatment option for Crohn's disease.
“On my website, you can read the story of one of my patients who went on the EEN diet, and now is achieving remission. While it may seem extreme to consume only liquid formula for 6-8 weeks, the benefits can be significant.”
Ele Stojanoska, Dietitian at Wexford Gastro
If you are struggling with Crohn's disease, talk to your gastroenterologist and IBD Dietitian about whether this Crohn’s disease diet may be right for you. With the right support and a plan that's made just for you, finding relief and even reaching remission from this tough condition is possible.

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Why Wexford Gastroenterology?

At Wexford Gastroenterology in Perth, our goal is to empower you to take control of your digestive health. It's all about teamwork here; gastroenterologists collaborate with our IBD dietitian to make sure you receive holistic care.
“Our mission? To improve your quality of life if you're dealing with conditions like Crohn's disease.”
Dr Callum Pearce, Gastroenterologist Murdoch
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