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About our GI clinic

Our mission is to take a holistic approach to gastroenterology

We’re not just the technicians doing a colonoscopy or gastroscopy. All team members of our GI clinic and all our gastroenterologists focus on you, the fears you may have and the questions you’d like to have answered. On top of that you benefit from over 15 years of specialist training. We look forward to meeting you.

Dr Callum Pearce

Gastroenterologist & founder of 
Wexford Gastro

Conditions we treat

We treat and manage all problems related to the gut and liver

Esophagus - Wexford Gastro Murdoch

Conditions a gastroscopy can detect

The procedure helps detect coeliac disease, tests the function of the small bowel and assesses gut health to check for cancers.
Intestine - Wexford Gastro Murdoch

Conditions a colonoscopy can detect

A colonoscopy provides information about gastrointestinal disease and is also for biopsies,  to detect and check for bowel cancer.
IBS - Wexford Gastro Murdoch

Irritable Bowel syndrome

A colonoscopy is used as part of the diagnostic tests and our specialists are trained in the management of IBS.
Bowel Cancer - Wexford Gastro Murdoch

Bowel cancer screening test

This test aims to detect cancers early when they are easier to treat. Tests consist of a colonoscopy or a Faecal Occult Blood Test(FOBT).

Bowel cancer screening test

Direct access colonoscopy

Your GP has requested that you undergo colonoscopy without consultation first. 

Wexford Gastro offers direct access colonoscopy for patients having a family history of bowel cancer or for patients who have a positive faecal occult blood test.
screening test

Holistic approach

A team that is looking after you

Multidisciplinary approach to treat and manage your health
Wexford Gastro’s team consist of highly trained gastroenterologists, a dietitian, a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a naturopath.
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