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When to see a gastroenterologist, not just your GP?


Deciding when to visit your GP or when it might be time to see a gastroenterologist can feel a bit confusing. Your GP is there for initial concerns and regular check-ups, but some situations need specialist care. In this blog, we’ll share insights on typical situations where a GP can effectively manage your care and highlight scenarios that call for a gastroenterologist’s specialised expertise.

Crohn’s disease diet

Discover how diet plays a crucial role in managing Crohn’s disease


Curious about the impact of diet on Crohn’s disease? Discover the Exclusive Enteral Nutrition (EEN) diet and how it can be used to improve the course of your condition to significantly improve your health, with insights from our IBD Dietitian and one of our gastroenterologists here at Wexford Gastroenterology.

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The power of a multidisciplinary approach to managing IBS

Els van de VeireBlog

Unfortunately, there is no test to definitively diagnose IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. In most cases, IBS is diagnosed by ruling out other possible disorders which is the gastroenterologist’s job. Once you’ve been diagnosed with IBS, Wexford Gastro’s multidisciplinary approach enables patients to be followed up by professionals along their journey. Let’s explain that in more detail.